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The Perfect White Wine for Winter: Riesling

Last July, Chateau Ste. Michelle’s semiannual Riesling Rendezvous wine tasting event brought together hundreds of the true geeks of the wine world, excited to spend three days focused on a single grape varietal.

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Wine Spectator Reviews The Green Vine!

Thank you to Wine Spectator‘s Dana Nigro for her fabulous review of my book, The Green Vine in her blog, Mixed Case. How exciting! It will be in the December print issue of Wine Spectator, but you can read it now here:

Nigro calls The Green Vine “…a nice stocking stuffer of a book for eco-minded foodies who want to learn more about wine or for wine lovers who’ve decided it’s time to know more about sustainable, organic and biodynamic winegrowing.”

If you have a moment to write a short product review of The Green Vine on Amazon, that would be so great – thanks so much for your support!

The Green Vine: A Guide to West Coast Organic, Biodynamic and Sustainable Wines

I'm very excited to announce the release of my book The Green Vine: A Guide to West Coast Organic, Biodynamic and Sustainable Wines, from Mountaineers Books Skipstone Press.

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Better with Age: Chinook Wines and Yakima Valley AVA Turn 30

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the designation of the first American Viticultural Area in Washington State.

Here is an article about Kay Simon & Clay Mackey of Chinook Winery, also celebrating a 30th birthday!

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Skillbillies: The Answer to How is Yes

Skillbillies use scythes. They are canning and smoking and dehydrating everything in sight.

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Small Comforts: Why I’m drawn to tiny houses

A table, a chair. A few books. One pot, one bowl, one spoon. A stone. A beautiful shell.

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Taste of Tulalip: Big Bites at the Small-mouthed Bay

... strange to be at the Tulalip Casino, aware of the native people that were and are still here, taste wines from France, Italy, Cali, Washington and Oregon, see the very dapper Chef Marcus Samuelsson (an Ethiopian born, Swedish-adopted New Yorker) demo his coconut-milk/buttermilk fried chicken, served in his Soul Food restaurant Red Rooster in Harlem (named after a neighborhood in Amsterdam). Whew!

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101 Publishing eBook Author Interview: Shannon Borg on Wine

The photo they used is a picture of me at Taylor Shellfish Farm's Pacific Coast Oyster Wine judging a couple years ago, looking pensive - I think I remember thinking - Damn, I love oysters, but dang, Jon Rowley, 25 kumomotos is a lot! We had to taste each wine WITH an oyster! At least they were small. What am I complaining about - it was awesome!

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My Wine 101 eBooks (Moscato, Grenache, Tempranillo) are now available!

This versatile red superstar with roots in Spain offers something for an array of palates. From big, bold, fruity styles to notes of dried herbs and leather, you’ll find a range of food-friendly flavors – or a wine just fine to stand on its own. Wine writer Shannon Borg gives insight into the grape’s history, the effects of its many monikers and where it flourishes today.

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Kitchen 3: Cereal Polygamy

"Denying the daughters of women who cook every day a kitchen is like denying a priestess her altar. We can’t pray like we should - cookies, brownies, blackberry pie. No ritual offerings, it’s throwing me off.”

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