My book of poems: Corset

“Dressed, after all, for this moment, we’ve//pulled ourselves, after all, together—into the perfect// form of someone we haven’t, as of yet, had the pleasure.” The poems of Shannon Borg’s Corset, suffused with atmosphere and an intense awareness of the world, of human experience and the commerce between the sexes, invite the reader to share more deeply—because, unless you have read Borg before, you truly “haven’t, as of yet, had the pleasure.”

A poem from The Paris Review

“Shannon Borg’s poems sing with the fullest in-and-out of ribs.  These flashing poems, in sudden satins, in woven brocades, in dark velvets and stark angles, swish and flare here, and yes, cinch and pinch there.These poems are both permission and its weighted adornment, both free movement—in family, in history, in language-and all its bony clatters.” —Molly Tenenbaum

“Shannon Borg’s voice is hoarse and seductive. She sings like Ella Fitzgerald. Bars and boats are her abode. She wins by saying  ‘I am lost.’”—Adam Zagajewski

Shannon Borg is a Seattle writer, editor, and wine educator. She holds an MFA in poetry from the University of Washington, and a PhD in poetry and literature from the University of Houston. She has worked as a content editor in the high tech field and has written about food, wine, travel and art for various publications, including Seattle, Northwest Palate, and Wine Press Northwest. She has taught writing at the University of Houston, Houston Writers in the Schools, and the Richard Hugo House in Seattle.

ISBN: 1933456272, 100 pages, $17.00

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