A Good Vintage: Of Time Lords, the Tardis, and Reinventing Ourselves through Wine

It’s official. I’m 50. Actually, I’m 51-and-a-half, but I guess it took that long for it to soak in.

Actually, that’s not true.

I joined AARP (www.aarp.com – they’re not a sponsor) the minute I turned 50, to get their great rates on a phone plan. I’ve always felt young and intend to continue to do so, but want to live squarely in the moment, embrace my zeitgeist, if you will.

Zeitgeisttime ghost – “spirit of the age.”

Our zeitgeist is an ephemeral ghost – as time always is, but now, we live with the “ghost in the machine,”. The spirit of our age is the cloud, the search bar, the meta. Information vast and wide, as it has never existed before.

It makes me feel like a Time Lord from Dr. Who.

And we all know that the elixir of the Time Lords is wine.

Wine as a drink, wine as a concept, wine as an industry. Time is the friend and foe of all of us, and wine, even more so. Futures are bought and sold. Wines are cellared and anxiously awaited. Careers are abandoned and ships are jumped.

And people reinvent themselves … for wine.

You’ve heard the story: “I was sitting in a Paris cafe (or San Francisco restaurant, or New York bar), and I tasted a Barolo (or Burgundy, or Riesling) for the first time. And it shifted my world.”

We all remember that moment. That first wine that defined our new zeitgeist, the new phase in our lives.

We became Time Lords.

It is in these moments that winemakers are born, that wine writers find their subject, that poets become alchemists.


Recently, a good friend and mentor, Gretchen Krampf of Heartwood House on Orcas Island, asked me to write an article for a magazine she was involved with. So I spent a couple of days in Woodinville and Kirkland with Victoria Starr Marshall, the publisher the 3rd Act, a magazine about how people of a certain age are reinventing themselves.

I had a chance to hear the stories of some amazing winemakers – and how they had reimagined their careers and entered in the wine world.  We had a blast – we ate, sipped, talked business, travel, food, wine and words. All my favorite things.

I hope you enjoy my article: A Good Vintage: Woodinville reinvents itself through wine.

And I realized that we are reinventing ourselves every day. That for many of us that love wine, food, travel and the wine community,  wine is Dr. Who’s beloved space ship/blue police phone box, the Tardis, taking us back and forth through time, helping us travel through this world with passion, grace and determination.

Wine, like the Tardis, is a “living, breathing being.”

I can imagine winemakers saying (shouting, whispering, cajoling) to their destemmer/crushers, bottling lines and barrels: “Regeneration disabled!” “You are a very stupid machine!” “I can be brave for you, but you’ve got to tell me how!” “It takes a lot of fish fingers and custard to make good wine!” “Yes, I have rebuilt the Tardis before, I know what I’m doing!”

Dr. Who: “Since we’re talking in human voices, you have not been very reliable! You didn’t always take me where I wanted to go!”

Tardis: “No, but I always took you where you needed to go!”

The Doctor: zero

Tardis (/Wine): one


I’ve reinvented myself many times, but I still am me. I’m coming back to writing after time away, building a house, getting divorced, learning some lessons, listening to my soul, and at 51 and-a-half, I feel like Joseph Campbell’s Hero with 1000 Faces – I’ve undergone trials of my journey and come out the other side, new, different … transformed.

“The adventure that she is ready for is the one that she gets.”

“The hero’s journey is a pattern, you can almost think of it as an algorithm – separation, initiation, return.”

And I want to return, connect and share stories again.

So I’m curious – How are you, my friends, reinventing yourself?

In business, in travel, in food & wine & beer & spirits, cheese, bread, farming, art, in artisan craftsmanship, in love, in family, in community?

Please indulge me (comment or email me below) as I gather and learn as much as I can about my chosen world –  what the wine world wants and needs in the areas of travel, tourism, marketing, information, education and connection.

I promise I’ll try to share what I learn with care as I take the misty hand of my zeitgeist, and embark on this new phase of my journey, with new writing projects, a new blog and other dreams.

Thank you so much!


(Photo courtesy of the Dr. Who Symphonic Spectacular)







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