A romantic musical comedy about a magical island, a girl who almost loses the family farm, and the tribe that helps her find herself.

Manifest This!

Manifest This! is a magical extravaganza, with a selkie, an octopus/lawyer that carries 8 briefcases, magical urns, a love story and dancing farmers!

I wrote this full-length play after hearing producer Jack Viertel on NPR talk about his book “The Secret Life of the American Musical” – how to formulate the structure of a musical play – and I started writing about a magical version of Orcas Island! I tried to follow his formula for a successful, well-paced musical – he has produced everything from Gypsy to Elf: the Musical! So I took his advice.

This play is in process – there will be a reading for actors and anyone (especially songwriters) who are interested in hearing it on Zoom, this Thursday, April 9th. I hope you like this play – and that i can find talented songwriters to set my lyrics to music! Stay tuned!

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