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Wine 101 eBooks (Moscato, Grenache, Tempranillo) are now available!


This was a great project – Thanks Anna Roth for the recommendation! I wrote three short-ish Wine 101 guides to three different grapes – Muscat, Grenache and Tempranillo. Since they are trying to get the books out there, you can get a free copy of one of them – check this out:

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Kitchen 2: Memory’s Core

 10 Depot Street, Manti, Utah

My grandmother could remove the peel from an apple in one piece. Over and over, her thumb and forefinger would push the blade to the perfect position, taking away what wasn’t the pie.

This story is an apple peeled, skin broken. I was eight when she fell and broke her hip in the hundred-year-old pink sandstone house her grandfather built.

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My book of poems: Corset

“Dressed, after all, for this moment, we’ve//pulled ourselves, after all, together—into the perfect// form of someone we haven’t, as of yet, had the pleasure.” The poems of Shannon Borg’s Corset, suffused with atmosphere and an intense awareness of the world, of human experience and the commerce between the sexes, invite the reader to share more deeply—because, unless you have read Borg before, you truly “haven’t, as of yet, had the pleasure.”

A poem from The Paris Review

“Shannon Borg’s poems sing with the fullest in-and-out of ribs.  These flashing poems, in sudden satins, in woven brocades, in dark velvets and stark angles, swish and flare here, and yes, cinch and pinch there.These poems are both permission and its weighted adornment, both free movement—in family, in history, in language-and all its bony clatters.” —Molly Tenenbaum

“Shannon Borg’s voice is hoarse and seductive. She sings like Ella Fitzgerald. Bars and boats are her abode. She wins by saying  ‘I am lost.’”—Adam Zagajewski

Shannon Borg is a Seattle writer, editor, and wine educator. She holds an MFA in poetry from the University of Washington, and a PhD in poetry and literature from the University of Houston. She has worked as a content editor in the high tech field and has written about food, wine, travel and art for various publications, including Seattle, Northwest Palate, and Wine Press Northwest. She has taught writing at the University of Houston, Houston Writers in the Schools, and the Richard Hugo House in Seattle.

ISBN: 1933456272, 100 pages, $17.00

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Chefs on the Farm



Recipes And Inspiration From The Quillisascut Farm School Of The Domestic Arts

Authors: Shannon BorgLora Lea Misterly,Karen Jurgensen
Photographers: Harley SoltesHarley Soltes
224 Pages, 978-1-59485-080-6
Mountaineers Books 08/25/2008

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o The perfect “treat” for foodies, organic gardeners, cookbook addicts, and sustainable practitioners alike
o Sustainability is an accelerating trend in the food world

With the rising interest in organic and locally grown food, there is also an increasing interest in connecting the farm to the table. Chefs on the Farm describes the seasonal workings of Quillisascut Goat Cheese Farm, a small, family-run business in northeastern Washington state. There, owners Lora Lea and Rick Misterly started a “Farm School for the Domestic Arts” where every summer, professional chefs, culinary students, food writers, and others live and work on the farm. Cooking only with ingredients they find on the farm, students learn to be connected to the food they work with.

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Inspiring Exhibitionism with GaryVee

Wine guru Gary Vaynerchuk (VAY-NER-CHUK!) ( was in town promoting his first book, 101 Wines Guaranteed to Inspire, Delight, and Bring Thunder to Your World, and we had lunch at Taste at the Seattle Art Museum, across the street from Seattle’s famous lesbian-owned strip club, The Lusty Lady, of course. The marquee read “Inspiring Exhibitionism” and as we ate Chef Craig Hetherington’s gorgeous seared Vessel St. Jude albacore and drank a glass of Masterpiece White (an aromatic – honeydew, cantaloupe, white blossom – blend of Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc made by Taste general manager Danielle Custer, former Chef Chrisopher Conville and a bit of myself), it began to make sense. Shouldn’t everyone’s life work be about ‘inspiring exhibitionism’ – creating your show, showing your stuff, puffing up your feathers, flapping around—whatever that may be? One person’s exhibitionism inspires another. Townshend Cellars winemaker Don Townshend met Danielle at a winemaker dinner and said “you should come and make wine with me” because she was so passionate about wine. And she replied, “ask me again, and I just might!” So there you are. Danielle asked me—a fellow wine freak—to help chronicle the making of this wine and join her in its creation, so we traveled to Spokane to work with Don on several occasions, blending, racking, bottling…laughing, eating and drinking. And now its in a bottle—it’s out there!

Gary shares his love of wine every day and said that TODAY (well, what he really said was TOMORROW, but that was yesterday) I should begin blogging and sharing my love of wine, poetry, whatever. With whomever. Yeah, yeah, I say, who needs another blog? It’s truly information overload out there. But at the same time, losing inhibitions like the ladies of the Lusty, makes life WAY more fun and I definitely need that in my life right now, and so Gary, I’m taking up your challenge, dude!

I love the book—Gary cracks open the traditional language we use for tasting wine to include terms like “haunted house” which is his version of a wine that smells or tastes of dusty wood, cellar must (in a good way), and cobwebs. Come on, do cobwebs really have an aroma? Next time I see one, I’ll find out. Thanks a lot Gary, for making me smell a goddam cobweb! I’ll NEED a glass of Clos Delorme Valencay 2005 (Gamay, Malbec, Cab Franc, Pinot Noir from the Loire Valley) after that!