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Lavender Harvest at Island Thyme

Orcas Island’s apothecary turns 20 and sees a sustainable future in aromatic artisan products

In the little hamlet of Olga on Orcas Island, Chris and Eliza Morris have built a garden paradise around their sustainable business, Island Thyme, a purveyor of delicious-smelling herbal lotions, salves, soaps and sprays that nourish the skin and body with a broad harvest of herbs such as chamomile, calendula, cinnamon, rose, and, of course, lavender.

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A Good Vintage: Of Time Lords, the Tardis, and Reinventing Ourselves through Wine

It’s official. I’m 50. Actually, I’m 51-and-a-half, but I guess it took that long for it to soak in.

Actually, that’s not true.

I joined AARP ( – they’re not a sponsor) the minute I turned 50, to get their great rates on a phone plan. I’ve always felt young and intend to continue to do so, but want to live squarely in the moment, embrace my zeitgeist, if you will.

Zeitgeisttime ghost – “spirit of the age.”

Our zeitgeist is an ephemeral ghost – as time always is, but now, we live with the “ghost in the machine,”. The spirit of our age is the cloud, the search bar, the meta. Information vast and wide, as it has never existed before.

It makes me feel like a Time Lord from Dr. Who.

And we all know that the elixir of the Time Lords is wine.

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Skillbillies: The Answer to How is Yes

There’s a new brand of American Do-it-Yourselfer on the scene.

Perhaps driven by the  escalating excesses of the last 50 years, spurred on by fears of global climate change and the environmental damage done, these  granddaughters and grandsons of the Hippie movement are coming into adulthood with eyes wide open, knowing the world they’ve inherited is jarringly scarred.

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