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The Green Vine: A Guide to Sustainable Wines

Green Vine Wine Book

The Green Vine offers a jumping-on point
for wine lovers interested in eco-friendly drinking.

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Green Vine Wine Book

Most people don’t think about wine too much; they just drink and enjoy! Yet more and more people are thinking about where their food comes from—and wine is food, too. At root, it’s an agricultural product that faces many of the same industrial, environmental, and economic issues as that sustainably-raised steak or fresh home-grown salad on your plate.

With The Green Vine, you have a charming and accessible guide to “green” wines and how you can drink smarter. From deciphering labels to examining cork materials to clarifying the various levels of organic and biodynamic certification, wine writer Shannon Borg demystifies eco-friendly wines. She provides a practical overview of West Coast vineyards and wineries that use both traditional and modern sustainable practices.

Here, you’ll find detailed information on:

  • 200+ green vineyards and wineries in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Idaho
  • Certified Organic, Salmon-Safe, LIVE-certified, Sulfite-Free, Biodynamic—what do all these certifications mean?
  • Profiled winemakers and growers who are leading the green wine movement
  • Recommended wines to try
  • Growing techniques, soil health, and water resources
  • Winemaking methods, additives, and byproducts
  • Packaging materials and their impacts

Winemakers are starting to take environmental stewardship seriously, changing how they grow grapes and make wine. With The Green Vine in hand, you can raise a glass of Cabernet or Chardonnay in support!

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About the Author: Shannon Borg is a writer, editor, poet, and wine educator. She lives in Friday Harbor, Washington, where she writes about wine for various publications. She has published a book of poems, Corset (Cherry Grove), and a cookbook, Chefs on the Farm: Inspired Lessons and Recipes from the Quillisascut Farm School of the Domestic Arts (Mountaineers Books). Shannon holds an MFA in poetry from the University of Washington and a PhD in poetry and literature from the University of Houston, and has taught writing at the University of Houston, Seattle Art Institute, the Richard Hugo House, and Spokane Community College. She also holds certificates from the International Sommelier Guild (Wine Fundamentals I & II).