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Wandering Wenatchee

Wenatchee, Washington is turning into a wonderland for food and wine lovers

A new award-winning public market, food and wine festivals and a river walk keep you busy in the apple capital.

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A Good Vintage: Of Time Lords, the Tardis, and Reinventing Ourselves through Wine

It’s official. I’m 50. Actually, I’m 51-and-a-half, but I guess it took that long for it to soak in.

Actually, that’s not true.

I joined AARP ( – they’re not a sponsor) the minute I turned 50, to get their great rates on a phone plan. I’ve always felt young and intend to continue to do so, but want to live squarely in the moment, embrace my zeitgeist, if you will.

Zeitgeisttime ghost – “spirit of the age.”

Our zeitgeist is an ephemeral ghost – as time always is, but now, we live with the “ghost in the machine,”. The spirit of our age is the cloud, the search bar, the meta. Information vast and wide, as it has never existed before.

It makes me feel like a Time Lord from Dr. Who.

And we all know that the elixir of the Time Lords is wine.

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Betz Winery: Changing of the Guard

Five years after the sale of Betz Family Winery, the iconic winery continues to raise the bar


by Shannon Borg

EVEN after 41 harvests in Washington wine, and 19 with Betz Family Winery, Master of Wine (MW) Bob Betz “doesn’t see a back porch in his future” any time soon.  In 2011, then Betz Family Winery’s 15th vintage, Bob and Cathy Betz started to explore what the next phase of their life would look like—both for themselves, and for the winery they created and shepherded into something of an iconic status.

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The Best New Washington Wines

Washington wine is coming of age in a big way, with a tally of more than 750 wineries, top scorers in the national media, and exciting educational winemaking programs in Seattle and Walla Walla that are bringing young talent to the dynamic and ever-evolving vineyards and wineries in our state. The old guard is branching out to new projects (some crossing the border from Oregon to make wines with Washington grapes), and the younger generation is stepping up and bringing new energy to family businesses. Behold, the top new releases that best tell the evolving story of Washington wines.

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The Perfect White Wine for Winter: Riesling

White wine in winter? Yes, please! Here’s my latest article in Seattle magazine:

The Perfect White Wine for Winter: Riesling

Image by Melissa Kagerer

Last July, Chateau Ste. Michelle’s semiannual Riesling Rendezvous wine tasting event brought together hundreds of the true geeks of the wine world, excited to spend three days focused on a single grape variety. The only major conference focused on just one grape variety in the country, the rendezvous is a chance to taste Rieslings from Austria to New Zealand and beyond, and showcase this complex grape’s manifestations. And although most of us know Riesling is a great summer sipper, the versatile wine pairs beautifully with the foods of fall and winter as well.

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Wine Spectator Reviews The Green Vine!

Thank you to Wine Spectator‘s Dana Nigro for her fabulous review of my book, The Green Vine in her blog, Mixed Case. How exciting! It will be in the December print issue of Wine Spectator, but you can read it now here:

Nigro calls The Green Vine “…a nice stocking stuffer of a book for eco-minded foodies who want to learn more about wine or for wine lovers who’ve decided it’s time to know more about sustainable, organic and biodynamic winegrowing.”

If you have a moment to write a short product review of The Green Vine on Amazon, that would be so great – thanks so much for your support!

Better with Age: Chinook Wines and Yakima Valley AVA Turn 30

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the designation of the first American Viticultural Area in Washington State.

Here is an article I wrote for Seattle magazine about Kay Simon & Clay Mackey of Chinook Wines, also celebrating a 30th birthday!

When Kay Simon and Clay Mackey first put down roots in Prosser in 1983, there were only about 40 wineries in the state, and the Yakima Valley had just been established as the state’s first American Viticultural Area (AVA). The inspirational couple behind Chinook Wines, Simon and Mackey went on to carve a niche for themselves by making approachable, affordable wines even as they helped shape the burgeoning industry around them. This year, as more than 750 wineries churn out award-winning vintages, Chinook and the Yakima Valley AVA celebrate their 30th anniversary.

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