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101 Publishing eBook Author Interview: Shannon Borg on Wine

Check out my 101 Publishing eBook Author Interview: Shannon Borg on Wine

The people at Demand Publishing have been really awesome! I wrote three eBooks: Beginner’s Guides to Grenache, Tempranillo and Muscat. They set up a webinar (i still don’t think that’s a word…) about social media promotions, etc. etc., and it was fascinating! Several speakers shared their strategies for spreading the word about …whatever it is you want to spread the word about. They’ve also done interviews with all the writers of their wine book series – and here’s my interview!

The photo they used is a picture of me at Taylor Shellfish Farm’s Pacific Coast Oyster Wine judging a couple years ago, looking pensive – I think I remember thinking – Damn, I love oysters, but dang, Jon Rowley, 25 kumomotos is a lot! We had to taste each wine WITH an oyster! At least they were small. What am I complaining about – it was awesome!

Also check out my friend and fellow wine eBook author Jameson Fink‘s blog, eBooks and interview!


Tasting Blind: Notes from a Wine Judge

So how do “Top 10” wines get chosen? How to Double Gold, Gold, Silver wines rise to the top? Many times, a set of judges (sommeliers, writers, winemongers, etc.) taste a lineup of dozens of wines in flights of five or six wines each. Yesterday, I was at Ray’s Boathouse NW Retrospective, a “single blind” tasting – meaning the judges know what grape the wine is made of, but not the producer. (I also love “double blind” tasting, where you know neither the variety or the producer.) This is an amazing opportunity to taste many wines at once – in this case, 62 whites in about two hours!

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