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Drawing my Grandmother’s Hat

My illustration teacher, Edie Everette, assigned us to draw an article of clothing and write a comment next to it.

Drawing clothing is so intimate and fascinating. Clothes are the closest thing to your body, taking the shape of YOU, showing your ever-shifting personality and preferences to the world.

Inheriting clothing, for me, gives me the feeling of the person still being at my side – closer, even, in my head and embracing my body. My grandmother lived with us from when I was in 3rd grade to when I went off to college. She died the autumn of my freshman year, on Halloween.

When you draw clothing, it is an exercise in memory. I felt her presence, accompanying her to dinner parties or sleigh rides in my mind as I drew.

Try this! Draw a piece of clothing and write a story or statement next to it. This exercise was transformative for me!