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Skillbillies: The Answer to How is Yes

There’s a new brand of American Do-it-Yourselfer on the scene.

Perhaps driven by the  escalating excesses of the last 50 years, spurred on by fears of global climate change and the environmental damage done, these  granddaughters and grandsons of the Hippie movement are coming into adulthood with eyes wide open, knowing the world they’ve inherited is jarringly scarred.

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Small Comforts: Why I’m drawn to tiny houses

I got the chance to be a guest blogger for the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and attend their workshop in Seattle on January 12 & 13, focusing on the very practical skills and tools you need to build a very small house. As a preliminary exercise before taking part, I put down a few (very non-practical) ideas that were rattling around in my tiny brain. I’m inspired by the people that have done so, and who have changed their lives to live simply – we’ll see where it takes me!   

I also had this little cardboard Barbie house, complete with Nat King Cole album.

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